Second Home

Regional network for children involved in the life and / or work on the street and children at risk prepared a short documentary titled Second Home.

 The film was made in order to promote the work of Day care centers as a social service that has multiple benefits for children (from the perspective of children, but also the professionals who work with children), to show the reality that children of the centers face every day and how the time spent in the Day care center helps them meet the basic needs they are often denied. Also, we wanted to show that they can not only satisfy their basic biological needs in Day care centers, but also they have a safe and friendly space to develop their potential, to learn, to grow.  They represent places where children have the opportunity to spend their time with educated and professional staff, and to resolve psycho social problems. The film is also designed to awaken the awareness about the importance of the existence of such centers for children, who discuss the importance of Day care center which is seen as a second home that gives them hope and faith in a better life.


This film was funded by Save the Children and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be watched at the following link: