Members of the Regional Networks had II meeting in 2014

The members of the Regional Network had second regular meeting in this year. The meeting was held 14th November 2014 in Banja Luka. The meeting was attended by the representatives of full members, new associate members and representatives of Save the Children BiH. At this meeting we had three new associate members.



They have had an opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know how works this informal Network. We talk about new open day centers, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for children involved in the life and work on the street and/or children who are at risk of becoming so: Day-Care Center for children at risk - PI Centre for Social Work Gradiška, Day-Care Centre - the Association ¸¸Vermont¸¸ from Brčko and Day-Care Centre - the Association ¸¸Otaharin¸¸ from Bijeljina.


We adopted a Advocacy strategy for a period of three years starting from January 2015. The strategic objectives are consistent with the values, mission, vision and principles of the Regional Network. Our overall goal is to improve the position of children and young people living or working on the streets. To achieve this overall objective Strategy defines specific objectives: To improve the sustainability of the services and programs implemented by members of the Regional Network, and to expand the Regional Network; Improve the quality of services and programs for children and youth living and/or working on the streets. Also Strategy defines, that after its adoption, we should draw up action plan with clearly defined the time frame (the dynamics) planned activities, as well as determine the responsible actor for these activities; and each member of the Regional Network need to have a detailed plan of activities related to it.

After the adoption of the Advocacy Strategy we agreed a several activities that will help us for better implementation of the Strategy. Also at the meeting we worked in small working groups, we discussed about upcoming Regional Conference of the children involved in the life and work on the street.

All members are invited to actively participate in Working groups wich will be formed in order to better implementation of planned activities, because only together we can achieve success and our ultimate goal nicer and safer childhood for children involved in the life and work on the street.