Membership in the Regional Network

In June 2014, as part of the regular activities of the Regional Network we had members meeting. There was talked about a current activities as well as plans for sustainability and further development of the Network.

Despite the emergency situation caused by the floods occurred in mid-May 2014, representatives of all member organization were coming on the meeting, we brought a decision of the admission of new members. Regional network has become richer by two full members – ARSIS from Tirana, Albania and ZZPD from Skopje, Macedonia and also of one associated member – ‘’Women from Una’’ Bihac.



ARSIS is NGO based in Tirana, Albania, existing since the beginning of 2006. ARSIS is specialized in social support for children and young people who find themselves in difficulties and dangers situations, as well as advocating for their rights. ARSIS mission is to provide sustainable solutions and services for children, youth and their families in vulnerable situations and marginalized Roma/Egyptian communities in Albania. ARSIS operates through two drop-in day center and shelter for emergency situations, currently the only of its kind in Albania. ARSIS organize a lot of interesting and interactive activities for children, youth and their families, as well as other stakeholders in the community, more about ARSIS you can found on their website

ZZPD - The Association for the Protection of Children's Rights is a non-profit organization foundation in 1998 and has been working in the field of children's rights in all Macedonia, participating in campaigns, seminars, symposiums and initiating projects in the social protection of children's rights, juvenile delinquency, etc. ZZPD participating in the development of changes and amendments of laws and regulations related with social security, family law and domestic violence and etc. More information on their website

Association 'Women from Una' Bihac - was founded in 13.09.1994. by individuals willing to assist citizens in strengthening the economic, social and political level, the planning and implementation of positive processes in the company. It is non-political, non-profit associations of its members open to all citizens of BiH and the world in support of program goals and accepts the Statute of the Association. More information about the Association's activities on their website