Members of the Regional Networks had II meeting in 2014

The members of the Regional Network had second regular meeting in this year. The meeting was held 14th November 2014 in Banja Luka. The meeting was attended by the representatives of full members, new associate members and representatives of Save the Children BiH. At this meeting we had three new associate members.



Activities of the Regional Network members during September and October

During September and October, members of the Regional network are focused on the start of the new school year and mainly in the implementation of their regular activities within Day care centers and Shelters for children living and/or working in the streets.



Membership in the Regional Network

In June 2014, as part of the regular activities of the Regional Network we had members meeting. There was talked about a current activities as well as plans for sustainability and further development of the Network.

Despite the emergency situation caused by the floods occurred in mid-May 2014, representatives of all member organization were coming on the meeting, we brought a decision of the admission of new members. Regional network has become richer by two full members – ARSIS from Tirana, Albania and ZZPD from Skopje, Macedonia and also of one associated member – ‘’Women from Una’’ Bihac.



New members of the Regional network

Regional network for children that work and/or live on the street will soon have new members. Representatives of NGO Defense for Children’s Rights from Macedonia, Community Support Foundation and Child protection Department from Romania showed interest to join the Regional network. Recently, they participated in 6th Regional network meeting on 12th and 13th of September in Banjaluka.

NGO Defense for Children’s Rights (DCR – Skoplje, Macedonia) leads the Day care center for children living and/or working on the street since February 2006. So far, more around 200 children was supported by this organization. In this moment, DCR works with and for 101 children. In June 2013, 65 children successfully attended school and in September 2013 another 35 children started going to school.

Community Support Foundation (Bacau, Romania) initiated services for street involved children. Five years ago they handed over the project to the County Direction for Social Care (state department). After more then 3 years of direct partnership in implementation, this foundation now has a consultative and supportive role to the state institution.

Regional network members are happy to have new colleagues from Macedonia and Romania in the network. Their knowledge and experience will be valuable contribution to the Regional network for children that live and/or work on the street.