Call for Engagement of Expert/s who will work on developing methodology for conducting research on prevalence of street children phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro

Save the Children requires an expert(s) (who are to apply individually, or on behalf of an organization; hereinafter: the Consultant) with the relevant experience in the area of developing research methodology for the purpose to designing and developing methodology for a regional research planned to be conducted in 5 countries of this region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro). This research is to provide an in-depth understanding of the situation with street involved and at risk children, including existing system in place and first-hand experiences of both children and professionals, aiming at providing a full overview of the existing resources and obstacles to adequate child protection. Members of RNSIC will have a crucial part in implementation of this regional research, and they will receive information on characteristics, nature, and effects of the phenomenon “children living and working on the street and children at risk” through the suggested methodology and their direct involvement in data collection.

The main aim of this engagement is to develop a regional research methodology that will be focused on identifying the current situation faced by the children involved in living and working on the street and children at risk in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro. The regional research is to provide conducting of comprehensive analysis on characteristics, nature, and consequences of the phenomenon “Children at move”, accompanied by mapping of services and programs available to street and at risk children, and also by defining recommendations to the governments at local and national level for the purpose of improving the status of this marginalized category of the society.

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Second Home

Regional network for children involved in the life and / or work on the street and children at risk prepared a short documentary titled Second Home.


International Day of children involved in the life and work on the street

International Day of children involved in the life and work on the street is an opportunity to look once again at a problem that is increasingly present in our country. More and more children in BiH is begging on the streets, restaurants, large shopping centers every day. Those children are not registered at birth, have no birth certificate, no health nor social protection and do not go to school, like they do not exist. 


New programme for additional support in education

Since September 1st 2014, Shelter for street children has started implementation of Programme for individual additional support in learning and education. We have included several kids who visit Shelter often. We developed individual plans for each child. The aim of this plan is providing help and support in coping with school program. Plan also includes frequent contacts with schools that these children attend and their parents, as well as reducing psychophysical consequences and stimulating childrens’ abilities. A team of few experts works with these children on daily basis. The plan contains detailed steps for fulfilling individual aims.

Since we’ve started realization, included children have progressed greatly. They attend their classes regularly, get good grades, initiate getting help with their homework or learning, and their parents are much more supportive than before.